The needs around us are vast and often extremely complicated in scope and degree. We may sometimes be inclined to pass by a given situation because we deem it beyond the pale of our ability to affect positive change. So we move on.

We have reached a point that we can no longer move on.  


It is time for us to help these nurses on the front line. They are experiencing severe levels of stress, anxiety, and fear.  Despite the mental anguish they are feeling, these hero’s continue to show up and save lives.  They are overworked, understaffed, and are short on the necessary supplies they need to protect themselves from the very virus they are desperately trying to treat.


These people are not just medical professionals. They are parents. They are someone’s children.  In an effort to do our part in helping these hero’s to maintain their sanity, we are ready to step in. 


In addition to maintaining all of our current clients, the Lucas Counseling Group team will be offering FREE mental health and crisis counseling to as many front-line nurses as we possibly can. We will utilize our safe, secure, and 100% HIPAA compliant telehealth platform. 


We don’t have an army, but we have three therapists who will bust their asses to help in any way we can.  As the owner of Lucas Counseling Group,  I am willing to forgo my salary; however, I cannot ask my team to donate the extra time without being compensated.  


I understand that many people are either experiencing financial hardships or are preparing for it.  Believe me; I wish I could fund this entire endeavor myself. I think of the phrase “more hands make light work.” 


We are asking for donations of any size.  Every little bit makes a difference.  If one person throws a pebble into a pond, there is a small ripple.  But if everyone throws one pebble in the pond, we can make waves.  


Let’s make waves people!  Thank you all for your generosity in advance. Let’s invest in the sanity of our nurses!!  We appreciate any contributions anyone can give; even if only $1.  To donate, please visit:  Go Fund Me



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