Mental Health Tip of the Day: Love from a distance

Loving from a distance is often vital to our mental health, especially when our relationships are unhealthy.

Some (but not all) signs we may need distance:

  • There are no boundaries in the relationship.
  • We feel like we have no voice in the relationship.
  • They physically or emotionally harm us.
  • The other person is always negative.
  • We put forth more effort to maintain the relationship.
  • They are dishonest with us.

We distance ourselves by establishing boundaries through healthy communication techniques like “I” statements:

  • “I feel (emotion) when (behavior). If you continue to (behavior), I can’t be around you.”
  • I feel disrespected when I’m lied to. If you continue to be dishonest, I can’t be around you.”

The key to setting boundaries is to follow through with consequences! The person you’re setting boundaries with may not like these new rules, but this is ultimately to help you. Keeping distance between ourselves and unhealthy relationships is vital to our mental health. To learn more about healthy relationships and boundaries, connect with us.

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