Mental Health Tip of the Day: Go to therapy.

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Clients often say in the first session, “I’ve needed therapy for a long time.” They have only come now because they have felt more depressed or anxious than usual, it’s affecting their work, schooling, and/or relationships, and they need extra support.

There are many reasons people choose to see a therapist. For example, someone may seek therapy because:

  • They’re feeling overwhelmed at work
  • Have stress in relationships
  • They want to work through trauma
  • Depression and/or anxiety have overtaken their life
  • Someone they love suggested they come
  • They are continuing to adjust to life during a pandemic
  • They’re using substances to cope
  • Grief feels unbearable
  • They just need someone to talk to.

Whatever the reason, therapy is for everyone! Even if you are questioning if therapy is right for you, talking to someone who is empathic, non-judgmental, and non-biased can still be productive and teach you more about yourself, as well as new skills to manage stressors as they arise.

Finding the right therapist is the first step toward seeking and creating change. To find a therapist, you can begin by Googling therapists in your area. Psychology Today is another helpful resource in finding a good fit as you can narrow your search by specialties, stressors, treatment approaches, communities they are allied with, etc. You may also browse our website for more information about the therapists at Lucas Counseling Group and request an appointment today!

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