Nikki Hurley-Hines MA, LMHC
Therapist Department

I have dreamed of being a therapist since I was sixteen. My own experiences in therapy inspired me to give to others what my therapist gave to me – a sense of hope, direction, and the belief that change is possible. To this day, therapy is a staple in my life and has helped inform how I practice as well.

My mission is to squash mental health stigma by normalizing what it means to be human. As a therapist, I am not afraid to admit that I struggle too. My clients tell me they like my laidback and honest approach that diverges from what people typically think a therapist is like. It is a priority to build rapport with my clients so they feel comfortable and safe in expressing themselves. They can expect someone who is compassionate, understanding, and nonjudgmental. I am passionate about helping adults from diverse backgrounds with depression, anxiety, relationship, and trauma-related issues experience more psychological flexibility and overcome life’s challenges. I utilize an eclectic style of techniques rooted in cognitive behavioral therapy, as well as mindfulness and acceptance-based skills.

I attended Eastern Illinois University where I earned a Master of Arts degree in Clinical Psychology in 2018. I received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Southern Illinois University of Edwardsville.