The very fact that you are reading this says it is about time. If you are just starting to think it might be time, we urge you to schedule an appointment; as the sooner you are able to address the issues, the quicker you will be able to overcome them. Many people wait until the issues in their lives get miserable before they decide to get help. Other questions that can help you clarify your need for therapy.

  • 1. Is there a persistent problem, condition, and way of feeling or upset that has been bothering you for a while?
  • 2. Is there something that you want to change in yourself or your life?
  • 3. Are you tired of having the same conversation about something over and over in your head or with your friends, yet nothing seems to change?
  • 4. Does the issue feel too big to tackle by yourself?
  • 5. Are you tired of feeling the way you have been feeling?
  • 6. Are you finally ready to do something about it?
  • 7. Are you at a point in your life where it does not make sense to you why you are feeling the way you do?