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The One Thing You’re Doing That’s Hindering Your Success
One of the most important aspects of achieving your goals is educating yourself to make informed decisions and taking confident action steps. However, as a t...
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Setting Boundaries During COVID this Holiday Season
Covid-19 has challenged all of us to change and adapt amidst uncertainty. We are accustomed to conversation about the virus, working and/or learning from hom...
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Mental Health Tip of the Day: Challenge unhealthy thoughts
When we believe that our emotions are a reality, we are victim to emotional reasoning. We disregard all evidence contrary to the thought/emotion we have as a...
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6 Things a Therapist Wants You to Know About Therapy
Just about anyone could benefit from talking to a therapist about relationship issues, worries, life changes, or setting goals. Therapy is not just for those...
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Mental Health Tip of the Day: Love from a distance
Loving from a distance is often vital to our mental health, especially when our relationships are unhealthy. Some (but not all) signs we may need distance: T...
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How to Cope in a Crisis
We all experience some form of adversity or trauma throughout our lives – the loss of a loved one, serious illness, separation and/or divorce, or currently...
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Access Your Client Portal

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Frequently Asked Questions

- How often will I need to be seen?
Typically when you first begin, we will see you weekly (although it could be more or less based on your individual situation/need). You and your counselor will work as a team to devise a plan that works best for you. Read More
- How much will counseling cost?
If you will be using your insurance, the cost will vary based on your individual plan. We will call your insurance well before your first session and get all of that information for you and communicate back to you before the first session. Read More
- Why do I need a therapist? Why can’t I just talk to a friend or a family member?
A friend or family member is not professionally trained to help you grow, heal and change. It’s likely that your friends and family have been giving you their best advice for some time now, and if it were sufficient, you probably wouldn’t be readi... Read More
- I’m very private and it is important to me that issues I talk about are confidential. Is my confidentiality completely protected?
Yes. By law, I am bound to protect your confidentiality. The exceptions to this are related to a child or elder abuse, a threat to harm another person or if you are in danger of self-harm. If you want to use a third-party payer to pay for therapy ... Read More
- What is the difference between therapy and counseling?
We use the two words interchangeably. Not everybody does, so this is a great question to ask. We use both words because different people relate to one word more positively than the other. Some folks prefer the word counseling, others prefer therap... Read More
- How will I know if you are the right therapist for me?
You really need to meet face-to-face in order to get a good idea of who we are and see if you connect with us. At our first meeting you should keep these questions in mind: -How easy is it to talk to him/her? -Does she/he seem like somebody I coul... Read More
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