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You do not find the happy life. You make it.

Wherever you are in the change process, we will meet you where you are at without judgment. Our primary goal is to guide you towards the life you want to live.

Mission and Core Values

Lucas Counseling Group Approach

At Lucas Counseling Group, we offer a safe non-judgmental environment that is predicated on empathy, acceptance, and growth. 

We use a holistic approach that integrates both traditional and non-traditional treatments. A holistic approach improves overall well-being; not just physical symptoms. When we treat our bodies as a whole, we are able to see more complete progress.

Much of your success will be determined by the work you do between sessions. Developing healthy mental habits is the same process as developing any other habit or skill. The more you practice, the quicker and more sustainable your success will be.

We will customize a strategy that fits YOUR needs and goals by utilizing a variety of approaches and tools that complement each other.

Our team is skilled, passionate, motivated, non-judgmental, encouraging, and accepting.  Witnessing your success is what keeps us passionate and enables us to deliver the highest-quality mental health services.

Our Mission

Core Values


A Collaborative Effort

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Quality-Driven Mental Health

Our passionate and highly effective team of mental health professionals are here to help you achieve your goals and become overall better versions of yourself.

Meet the LCG Team

Charlie Lucas MSW, LCSW

Therapist/Owner of Lucas Counseling Group

Brittany Smogoleski MSW, LCSW


Chase Jennette MSW, LCSW


Sara Drake MA, LMHC


Melissa Barker

Office Manager

Courtney Castagne-McCavit

Virtual Assistant/Social Media Manager

Our Testimonials

Charlie is the best! I’m seeing real improvement in my life. He has helped me see things with a fresh healthy perspective and approach life differently.

Kathy H

I had a very positive experience with Jessica. She's very kind, and helped alleviate my anxiety.

Travis J

Charlie Lucas is the first counselor I've gone to (and I've gone to several) who actual "gets me". He's real and honest and actually listens. At every appointment, we talk about solutions!! He uses alot of humor, which is so refreshing. We also go on walks nearly every appointment, because he believes in using exercise to improve your overall well being. He gives me hope that I'm going to be the person I want to become. And, I'm getting there. Yay!

Melinda R

My experience with Charlie Lucas has been at minimum Exceptional. I trust him completely and now have friends going to him since they have seen how much he has helped me. Everyday is unbelievably better. I came to Charlie at a time when I felt at a loss and defeated in several aspects of my life. I was in crisis mode everyday. I was totally stressed, highly anxious and basically a mess. Although my family and friends are very supportive, no one had dealt with the issues I desperately needed help with and I was out of ideas to even start to deal with life. 

Julia H

Charlie is amazing--straight talking , real and hilarious. I've never met anyone like him. I would recommend him even from just our first session. That's how quickly I knew he was different!

Melinda W

Charlie’s dedication to his clients, his staff, and his work, makes his business stand out as a safe place you can leave feeling confident that you have received quality help and service. Charlie has the unique ability to communicate effectively with proficiency and diplomacy.

Nick W Designation

Charlie has been amazing at helping my marriage. He gives my husband and me lots of practical exercises to implement in our everyday life that helps build up our communication, which needed lots of help when we started seeing Charlie a few months ago!

Amanda B Designation

If I could give 100 stars I would! LCG is definitely the place you should go for all of your counseling needs. Charlie is one of the greatest individuals I have ever met and speaking with him is always helpful and refreshing.

Alex W Designation

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