Motivation is something that every person wants to have a high level of no matter what situation they are in.  It is the motivation that gives us the desire to do things.  Our level of motivation determines our success in every aspect of life. It determines how healthy we are going to be, how successful we will be in school, how successful we will be in our careers, relationships, etc.…Some people have an extremely high level of motivation where it seems that no matter what the task or goal is; they are able to rise to the occasion and deliver.  There are others who struggle to find the motivation to address the basic activities of daily living.  

Most of us fall somewhere in between both ends of the spectrum.  Research shows that you can influence your own levels of motivation and self-control.  We implement counseling techniques that have been proven to increase your level of motivation in any aspect of your life. Change happens more easily when there are clear rewards and punishments. We stop touching hot stoves early on because we get hurt. If we find out that something makes us feel happy and there are no costs, we’re going to do it more often. But sometimes, change can be more complex. Making the decision to live a healthier lifestyle, or to switch careers, might take years of thought and heartache. There are countless pros and cons that cannot easily be boiled down to “better” or “worse”.

 Psychotherapy is the art and science of helping others create change through psychological means, and the countless approaches give us a number of ways to achieve these goals.