Renew Someone’s Faith In Humanity

Many people say they are kind. But keep in mind that kindness is more than just the absence of being an asshole.

The definition of kindness is the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate. When is the last time you were deliberately kind to someone?

Out of nowhere, tell your kids why you love them. Tell your coworkers and/or a friend what you appreciate about them. Think about how good you feel when someone professes their admiration for you. If you are hoarding an excessive amount of resources, maybe donate just one of them to someone who doesn’t have any.

Nobody is asking you to give your entire stockpile away, but don’t underestimate the impact of giving one little box of masks, so frontline healthcare providers are somewhat protected. Scarcity in a crisis increases the value of everything. If you don’t think that donating something small will be valuable, think about the ripple effect. For example, that little box of 50 masks could save 50 or more lives. On the other hand, hoarding them could put 50 or more lives at risk.

Failure to give some of our excesses to the very people who are keeping our fellow humans alive would be like setting a firefighter on fire after they just saved your house from burning to the ground.

Let’s use this opportunity to take a break from our self-involvement and focus on renewing someone’s faith in humanity. Liking this post means nothing. It changes nothing. The only thing that matters is that you behave kindness.

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