Challenge anyone who makes the statement “it’s a dangerous world”. Our view of the world has a huge impact on our mental health and how we approach life. If anyone says that it’s a dangerous world, ask them how many times today they were in real danger. How many times this week? How many times this month? Or in your life? The answer will probably be zero. Horrific things do happen but I’m not going to base my world view on a very small percentage of people doing horrific things. If you believe that this small percentage of people who do terrible things is representative of our entire world, you are essentially saying that you and I are the same as these murderers. I’m not going to buy into this catastrophic narrative that some of these politicians and media outlets are spewing. They know that sensationalism and the loaded language they use will evoke either fear or anger response in which will then make us feel like we need to follow the story so we can know what’s going on so we can feel prepared for the cataclysmic story that gets fed to us next. But here’s the thing. We are going to wake up tomorrow and likely will not experience one bit of what they are reporting.

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